Why Your Should Review Your Medicare Options

 The current pandemic has thrown everyone some curve balls. Regardless of your age, wealth, health, relationship status or working status, each of us has had to make some adjustments. And in doing so, we may have let a few things fall through the cracks. I want to make sure that your health care, or that of your loved one, isn’t one of those things. 

Medicare sign ups start now

From October 15th through December 7th, you and your loved ones have the opportunity to elect (if you didn’t at age 65) or change your Medicare coverage. And while you may not think it matters, Medicare is an important benefit with a number of options that can make a significant difference in the care you can receive. 

And since your needs can change from year to year—and may have changed significantly during the pandemic—it’s important to review what you currently have and the other options available to you. Below are a few items to review, but there are also many others.

  • Is your Primary Care Physician still included in the network?
  • Have you added or stopped using any medications?
  • Are the medications you take still part of the formulary?
  • Does your Medi-gap policy still meet your needs?

If not, it may be time to consider making some changes. 

Navigating your choices

Most of the choices you will want to review are related to parts D, C and Medigap—which are all offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare and may cover things Medicare typically does not. As a refresher on the different parts of Medicare and what they generally cover, we’ve included this table. 

What it is

What it covers

Part A—Hospital insurance

·         Hospitalization (benefits vary depending on length of stay)

·         Some nursing facilities (given qualifications)

·         Some home-based and hospice care (not long term)

Part B—Medical insurance

·         Doctor’s visits, services and tests

·         Medical equipment

·         Outpatient services

·         Preventive medical care

Part D—Prescription drug coverage

·         Prescription coverage (varies by plan)

Part C—Medicare Advantage

·         Comprehensive plans that typically cover everything in Parts A and B and typically part D

·         May also cover things Medicare doesn’t, like hearing, dental and vision treatment

Medigap—Medicare supplemental insurance

·         It can help pay for the portions of Parts A and B that you might otherwise be responsible for yourself (benefits vary by plan)



Reviewing Medicare options for yourself and your loved ones now can help keep you all prepared for whatever the future holds. Gasber Financial has an expert on retainer to help you navigate the confusing options surrounding Medicare and can help guide you on all of your healthcare planning needs.