The “Desire-ment” years—redefining retirement pt2

The “Desire-ment” years—redefining retirement pt2

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “retirement?” Do you envision an older couple in a rowboat on a lake? You may not be far off from the original definition. Consider that the word “retire” actually means to withdraw for privacy, go to bed, withdraw from danger and, of course, to stop working. 

But, what does retirement mean to you? Chances are it’s something quite different than it meant to your parents. In the first installment, we discussed how to envision your retirement. In this one, we’ll provide a few practical ideas for making it the retirement of your dreams, no matter what that means. 

The “Gig” economy

Many people start new careers or new businesses in retirement, while others continue to work in their original job, expand their volunteering—or any number of other things. There are actually many ways to earn money during retirement, while also keeping your mind and brain active. Today there is a thriving “Gig economy” where women can create great income streams on a freelance basis and have fun. Some ideas include being a: 

  • Tour guide
  • Temp or a tutor
  • Market researcher or mystery shopper
  • A babysitter, pet sitter or dog walker
  • AirBNB host
  • Consultant or direct salesperson
  • Virtual assistant or transcriptionist
  • Teacher at your local community center 

Some great sites for finding gigs include,,, You can also look for full time employment through sites designed explicitly for seniors, like,, and, to name a few.

 Continuing your education

Retirement can also be a great time to consider going back to school, whether you just want to take a few classes here and there or to finally get that degree you’ve wanted. My aunt was taking online classes to finish her master’s degree at age 80, which just proves you are never too old to challenge your mind or work toward a goal. Of course, education can be expensive, so you will likely need a strategy to pay for it. You may qualify for scholarships (look at,, and others) or even a student loan (check out, but there are other ways to pay for it too. Gasber Financial can help you to develop the right strategy for you.

 Make your move

Retirement can be an opportune time to move, whether you’re interested in cutting down on your maintenance costs, moving to a warmer climate or just want a change of scenery. Of course, if you are going to move, you should consider things like where you may be able to live most affordably, where you can avoid state income taxes (yes, you will likely still pay income taxes in retirement), or maybe just the best overall places to live in retirement.


Cheapest states to live in retirement*

States without income taxes

Best overall places to live in retirement**

1.       Pennsylvania

2.       South Dakota

3.      Idaho

4.      South Carolina

5.      Georgia

6.      Missouri

7.      Ohio

8.      Iowa

9.      Tennessee

10.   Alabama


1.       Alaska

2.       Florida

3.      Nevada

4.      South Dakota

5.      Texas

6.      Washington

7.      Wyoming

1.       Asheville, North Carolina

2.       Athens, Georgia

3.      Bella Vista, Arkansas

4.      Bluffton, South Carolina

5.      Boone, North Carolina

6.      Colorado Springs, Colorado

7.      Columbia, Missouri

8.      Fargo, North Dakota

9.      Green Valley, Arizona

10.   Iowa City, Iowa




At Gasber Financial, we believe strongly in the power of planning and positive thinking. We can help you review your plan for the retirement of your dreams—whatever that means to you.